“Inspiring & Honest.”

Alan is inspiring, honest and knowledgeable. His enthusiasm is projected throughout the training sessions he delivers. I held on to every word and learnt so much about social media despite having 2000+followers etc...I was so inspired that I've asked to meet with Alan again to discuss future projects.

Visit relish website

Visit relish website

Teresa Peters. Co Founder Relish Publications. Personal Performance and Restaurant Business Coach 'Accelerator Coaching

“Eye Opener !”

I attended one of Alan McGee's social media courses and found it to be an eye-opener in terms of revealing the potentialities of social media as a B2B marketing tool. In a structured, digestible and comprehensible way Alan explained the importance of having a social media strategy with clear objectives and he explained the tools necessary to attain those objectives

Peter Johnson. Freelance journalist and writer


"Filled with Practical Content."

Visit Leathers LLP

Visit Leathers LLP

We recently participated in the excellent Social Media Essentials course promoted by Say Consultancy Limited and Valued Academy, presented by Alan McGee. The two day course highlighted the benefits that social media can bring to our business and was filled with practical content which will allow us to establish a focused social media strategy.

Barry James Tax Manager at Leathers LLP

"Highly professional and knowledgeable"

We asked Alan to present Social Media seminars and workshops to clients over a two day period and he did a fantastic job! 

Although highly professional and knowledgeable his fun presentation style kept the audiences engaged throughout. They left energised, excited and full of bright ideas to implement successful social media strategies within their own businesses - and ultimately build more profitable companies! 

I cannot recommend Alan, Yvonne and Say Consultancy highly enough!

Aynsley Damery, CEO Tayabali Tomlin

visit tayabali tomlin

visit tayabali tomlin


"They say a little knowledge is dangerous?"

I knew little bits about various aspects of social media, but tended to get a little lost and confused about it all. So I recently attended a two day Social Media course with Alan McGee to understand and get to grips with all it entails. Alan was informative and patient, considering the various levels on the course, and he showed me how to assess and reevaluate my social media enabling me to focus on a suitable strategy. I came away with a clearer picture of how to go forward and put it into practice. I would highly recommend Alan and may well call upon his expertise in the future! 

Debbie Foster Instore Radio Productions Ltd

“2 Days very well spent”

Alan's Social Media Essentials course was 2 days very well spent! It covered the basics of social media through to creating adverts and driving your business through social media. Alan covered the importance of creating a social media strategy to go alongside your business strategy and plan. He provided support in drafting aims and objectives, doing our own digital audit and he covered the importance of creating clear professional guidelines to tie it all together. I have come away with an action plan (lots to do) to fulfil my desired social media footprint and create a strategy that fits my business - and I'm excited about doing it!

Gill Caleary


“You've heard that social media can increase the profitability of your business?.”

Cynical, fearful or just don't know where to start? 
Talk to Alan: he helped me understand how to harness the power of social media to further develop mine and other client businesses. His approach is to work with you; demonstrate clearly how your bottom line can benefit; and then support the development and deployment of a social media strategy, tailored to your goals, needs, resources and capabilities. And it's an enjoyable experience!

Nynzi Maung

“Simply the best social marketing strategist there is

I have known Alan for a number of years, having worked with Alan on a number of social media projects. As I got to know Alan during those projects, the reach of his knowledge and capabilities increasingly impressed me. Alan possesses that uncommon gift of assimilating knowledge from one context, and then making use of that understanding in a different context. As you would expect, he is an intelligent and creative thinker with an eye for detail, however while he is confident with his opinions and observations, he displays yet another extraordinary quality that of a willingness to listen and rapidly embrace new ideas and concepts. If you are looking for somebody to guide you through the quagmire of business brand management, then use Alan, he is quite simply the best social marketing strategist there is, and I give him my highest recommendation.

Dr Christopher Laing - Cyber Reslience Architect